Wine Education

A little new to wine?

Wine is not just a beverage. It is a combination of the senses, and more. Wine fills your mouth with flavor, your nose with complex aromas, your eyes with deep colors, and your body with wonderfully enriching anti-oxidants. But many people are frightened of wine; where if you don’t know a label, region or varietal, you’re a lesser human. Or maybe it’s the restaurants who charge exorbitant prices for a drinkable, if unspectacular, bottle of wine, or those who think that a glass of wine should cost about the same as a bottle. But wine should really be what you like to drink. If it’s a buttery chardonnay, a jammy shiraz, a tannic cabernet, or a dry rose, what you like is what you like. That doesn’t mean that you can’t cross over to another way of drinking. All it takes is a little knowledge about the many faces of wine, how to taste and what the options are for your sipping pleasures.